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What A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For Realtors?

real estate personal injury attorney

What A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For Realtors?

When you are facing legal problems that you know that you will not be able to handle on your own, it is always good to contact a local law firm that can help you with your situation. It is sometimes difficult to choose a decent lawyer, and individual that will have experience with what you are facing, and will also have a track record for helping his or her clients with. One of the most in demand lawyers is those that practice tort law, also called personal injury law. Tort law involves helping people and realtors that have been injured as a result of negligence on the part of another party, which may include your employer, that will require the expertise of this type of attorney.

Defining Personal Injury Law

If you have been physically injured in some way, or if this is a type of injury that involves mental or emotional harassment, these lawyers can help you with any of these situations. Each of these cases will allege that the victim, also called the plaintiff, has been injured as a result of the negligence of the defendant. If it is a physical injury, it is likely the result of a following, tripping in a house you are showing, traffic accidents on the way to selling a house, or even the use of a defective product. As long as there is a physical affliction, this is something that can be shown in a court of law with tangible proof. The same goes for people that are suffering from an illness that may be caused due to the type of work that they do, most notably mesothelioma cases. Additionally, if you have a manager or company that has used bullying which has caused emotional or mental duress, this can also be presented in a court of law and settlements can be obtained

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Phoenix Property Management Company

A property management company in Phoenix, AZ acts as a link between property owners and tenants, whether it is a residential or commercial property. They are responsible for finding tenants, completing all the formalities involved in renting/selling a property and the maintenance aspects. They make sure all the processes, transactions and activities take place in a smooth and timely manner. Here is detailed information about the same.

Job Description

Tenant/Customer Search:

The property manager is tasked with role of searching for an appropriate tenant (for properties on lease) and customers (for properties on sale). While searching, they must consider the expectations of both the owners and the tenants/customers.


The manager is responsible for marketing and promoting a property in Phoenix. If any person shows interest in buying or renting the property, they will guide them, show them around and provide them with the relevant information, such as owner’s expectations, requirements, terms and conditions etc.


Another important role includes checking whether or not the property is well-maintained by the tenants. If not or the tenant causes damage to the property, then they will evacuate the tenants through a local agreement or eviction proceedings in a court of law. If any repair is required, the tenants will contact the property management company, who will in turn call the respective services to fix the problem.



The property manager negotiates with the prospective tenants on behalf of the property owner. They must make sure both the owners and tenants/customers are on the same page. The real estate manager should clearly understand the expectations of all parties involved in order to know the extent to which every aspect can be negotiated.


“The company must complete all the legal formalities required while leasing or selling a property. They also deal with tax-related aspects. They must keep themselves updated with the latest information about real estate in order to perform their jobs effectively. Examples of such data include tenant laws, zoning regulations, tax information, property values, federal laws etc.” adds Jonathan Williams, an experienced property manager in Phoenix, AZ.


The property management company must deal with documentation about the lease/sale, such as the terms and conditions, lease agreement, purchase and sales agreement, and contract job documents, such as repair and maintenance work orders, etc. Once the documentation is complete, the manager will file and maintain the records.

The Phoenix, Arizona property management company must address various concerns faced by the tenants or even owners with respect to the property. Their duties may vary depending on the type of property in question.

Why you should replace your old garage Las Vegas door with a brand-new one

Just envision the improvement between a modern-day, appealing and organized exterior decor to a house with stacks of old tires along the paths as well as gutter systems dropping off all over. If you really really want to enhance the worth of your Las Vegas home you need to grab the attention of the would-be purchaser’s first glimpse and that can consist of ensuring that your house’s exterior is neat and also beautiful.

Mounting a new garage doorway that has modern attributes will not only aid to enhance the reselling worth of your house, it will however be a clever investment that can aid to improve your residence’s energy effectiveness. If you are not planning to put your home on the market, you can replace your old garage doorway with a new model to make your residence more energy efficient. A recent research carried out by an independent institution disclosed that house owners who have installed modern-day garage doors normally have reduced energy expenses as compared to those which have old fashioned, poorly shielded garage area doors.

Improve The Curb Appeal of Your Home

Curb appeal is constantly nice, yet it is a particular essential if you intend to sell your home. Therefore, if you are considering putting your home on the market, replacing your old Las Vegas garage area doorway with a new one can make a massive difference and also help your house sell quickly and, even more importantly, at a greater cost. Nowadays, home purchasers are demand a lot more compared to the past. This means that they are much more probable to dismiss residential properties that don’t fulfill their requirements. Whether you are happy with that or not, the garage doorway is an important part of your homes appeal to potential owners. It assists to suit the total attractiveness of your home’s external look. If the door on your garage is more than ten years old, chances are it does not have modern-day attributes as well as enhancements that modern-day purchasers are trying to find. Because purchasers will stay clear of wanting to buy your home when merely considering that it has an obsolete garage door, this means that possibilities of marketing your home for sale will reduce. By having a garage door company replace your old garage doorway in Las Vegas with a modern version, you will most definitely enhance the appeal of your home yet you will undoubtedly boost your residence’s resale worth regardless of the garage door installation cost.

Greater Security For Your Garage and Home

To stay clear of providing thieves an easy access to your garage, you need to replace your old garage door with a new one that has far better safety and security functions. You garage doorway is an integral component of your home’s safety and security. Investing in a brand-new one can assist to maintain burglars at bay.

Increase the Value Of Your Home

However, do you recognize that boosting your residence’s overall first impression is as simple as replacing your old garage doorway with a brand-new one? While points like the front door, roof repair and shutters are significant elements that can help to improve your residence’s outer appeal, you should never disregard the importance of replacing your old overhead garage doorway with a new one. In reality, recent research has disclosed that updating your garage door is in fact among the ideal residence enhancement projects that could aid to increase the value of your house by around 30 %.

Finally, if you have been having doubts regarding changing your old Las Vegas garage door with a new one, you should now understand the importance. It will not just aid to boost the value of your home but will additionally improve its protection and also make it more efficient in terms of energy use for your home.

What Does a Property Management Company Do?

A property management company is responsible for the overall management of the real estate property assigned to them. Their main role is to bring additional value to a property by maintaining it well. They are also responsible for various business dealings associated with the property, in terms of sale, lease and renting. They have to meet the needs of both owners and tenants/buyers. Let us a take a look at the major roles of property managers.

Responsible for Rent

Once of the most important roles of a property manager is to set rent, collect rent from tenants and adjust the rent. They set the best rent level after looking at comparable properties within the area and having a better understanding of the market. They also set a date for collecting rent every month and make sure that all the tenants adhere to this date. The manager can adjust the rent every year, according to state and municipal law.

Responsible for tenants

The property management company can recommend and implement advertising strategies that aim at finding tenants. Once they have found tenants, they will ensure that the needs of the tenants are met. These needs include responding to their requests, monitoring their activities with regards to the lease agreement and continually assessing the tenants’ satisfaction with regards to the property’s amenities in comparison to those of competing properties in the neighborhood.

Responsible for maintenance and repairs

Property management also involves physical management of all the structures and outdoors. Landscaping, electrical, plumbing, walls, appliances and roof are all part of the property. In an interview with a Burnaby property management company they stated that “The property manager must carry out preventive maintenance routines, such as cleaning the property, landscape maintenance, periodic inspection of electrical and plumbing systems, regular service of air conditioning and heating systems and proper upkeep of roofing, wood and other building components. Repairs are also necessary when things break or stop to work.”

Responsible for managing the budget and keeping records

Budgeting and record keeping are an important part of property management. The manager must balance the costs of maintenance and repair with the desired results since some repair works may require huge capital expenditures. When it comes to record-keeping, there should be records of all the tenant’s requests, rental payment history, rules violations, advertising invoices, tax records, maintenance schedules, repair records, and personnel records of the employees and subcontractor.

Responsible for knowledge of Landlord-Tenant law

Federal and state have some jurisdiction and laws over property management activities. Therefore, the property management must understand all their requirements, and make sure they are met. For liability reasons, tenant interaction and other activities must be recorded for specified periods. So if there is any legal action taken by tenants about the same, it can be reversed if there records that refute their claims. The property management company is supposed to draft the lease agreement between the landlord and the tenant and then administer it. They will evict tenants for non-payment or any other violations.

The property manager will maximize the return on investment of a property through efficient delivery of the aforementioned roles.

Top 5 mistakes sellers make when choosing a realtor

Selling your house is a big undertaking and this means that the responsibility should be given to the best suited person for the job. Choosing a realtor should not be based on friendship and family relations but on professionalism and getting the work done in the best way. Sellers make many mistakes when selling their homes that make the process of selling their homes less efficient, tedious and the returns very low.

The following are some of the common mistakes sellers make when choosing a realtor for their home:

Choosing a realtor with the least commission

Many sellers are tempted to choose the realtor with the least commission when selling their home. A realtor who takes the least commission may do that at the expense of selling your home. For instance, low commission means less advertising for home which in turn leads to less market exposure. The level of service offered by a realtor with low commission is also low based on the fact that you always get what you pay for. A realtor with a reasonable commission will give your home enough advertising displaying it to a wider market and clients.

Ignoring the company reputation of the realtor

Realtors who come from large and reputable companies have access to many facilities that make selling your home efficient. For instance, a large company will give your home more advertising space and channels for your home, all round the clock customer service and telephone calls will be answered at any time of the day without fail. “A realtor maybe good and well qualified but if their company is not well-known and reputable it affects the efficient sale of your home. Most buyers don’t trust smaller companies and this makes getting clients difficult.” says real estate Maple Ridge agent Bill Steadman.

Choosing a friend or family member as your realtor

Many sellers may choose a friend or family member as their realtor based on their friendship. Relationships and friendships are not enough to sell your house because this is a business just like any other. When it comes to selling your home, leave friendships and relationships aside and let every realtor compete on their own. The job should be given to the best realtor who can deliver the best job not based on personal relationships.

Choosing a realtor who agrees with your price

A good realtor should advice you appropriately and not aimlessly agree with any price you give. Many realtors agree with the sellers price with the fear of losing a deal but this should not be the case. A realtor who agrees with unreasonable price will make your home stay without clients because no one will look twice at an unreasonably priced house. A good realtor should help you price your house well to attract customers.

Choosing a realtor without looking for references

Never choose a realtor based on personal judgment of the realtor. The best way to choose a realtor is first look for reference from previous clients who worked with the realtor. Look for references in terms of sales the realtor made, honesty, reliability and reputation.